Echelon Adds IBM Watson IoT for Weather Adaptive Street Lighting

Internet of Things pioneer Echelon Corporation is expanding its successful deployment of “white tunable” connected street lighting in White Bear Lake, Minnesota with weather adaptive capabilities powered by its collaboration with IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT).

Echelon Corporation. (Echelon/ LEDinside) Teaming with the municipal leaders of White Bear Lake and design firm Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc., the company is deploying its weather adaptive solution alongside the white tuning solution recently implemented at the city’s Railroad Park. Combining the two advanced adaptive control capabilities enables city managers to take advantage of smart controls that adjust park lighting based on real-time weather data as well as activity levels or time of day. For example, lights can be pre-programmed to adapt automatically to real-time weather changes according to predefined preferences, such as a brighter level and a warmer color during a snow storm to minimize glare or a cooler, bluer color during thunder storms to improve visibility.

Research suggests that this bluer color, which blocks the release of sleep-inducing melatonin, is ideal for creating greater alertness under adverse weather conditions. Echelon's

Echelon's Intelligent Networked Lighting. (Echelon/ LEDinside)

Apple’s New iPhone Rumored to Come with a Curved OLED Screen

With about six months left before Apple unveils its next generation iPhone, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive. An article from the Wall Street Jounral suggested that Apple would adopt a curved OLED display for one of its three smartphone models this year. The report cited anonymous sources claiming that initially Samsung will supply OLED panels for a special “10th anniversary Edition” iPhone, which some have been calling the “iPhone 8.” In addition, to capacitate mass production, Apple has already ordered sufficient components. However, only one of the three iPhones coming out later this year will feature an OLED screen. The other two will still use the flat LCD panels. According to WSJ, Apple will do away with the physical home button on the new iPhone. Instead, it will have a touch area on the lower part of the device. This is in line with KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's prediction that there will be a "function area" below iPhone 8’s main display.

Additionally, via AppleInsider, Apple was granted a new patent on Tuesday for an “Electronic device including finger biometric sensor carried by a touch display and related methods.” This suggests that fingerprint authentication could be successful by touching anywhere on the entire display.

Among other anticipated shifts for the new iPhone, Apple is said to replace the Lightning charging port with an industry standard USB-C port. Those moves are expected to equip iPhone with features that have already been seen on other competing handsets. Nowadays, smartphone makers have been struggling to develop killer features that consumers are willing to pay for. Moreover, in face of Chinese competition, companies like Apple have become even less competitive and have seen a sharp fall in sales.

With an OLED screen, the new iPhone will mark a major design innovation, which is expected to attract Chinese users, in particular. This will further boost the iPhone unit sales, as some analysts forecasted. Apple’s iPhone 6 series was the only design innovation made in recent years.

AT&T and Current Strike Historic Deal to Redefine Smart Cities for the Digital Age

AT&T and Current, powered by GE, have announced an exclusive agreement to connect cities across the United States and Mexico to the Internet of Things (IoT). Together, the companies will unlock a realm of possibilities to improve the way cities operate, communicate and meet the needs of citizens.

AT&T partners for Atlanta Smart City Project. (AT&T/ LEDinside)

Since launching its Smart Cities organization in 2015, AT&T has been using its resources and IoT expertise to create impactful solutions for cities. With its smart cities framework as the foundation, for the past year, AT&T has been helping cities develop and implement a holistic smart cities strategy to address their current and future needs.

Retailers to experience new smart IoT lighting at EuroShop as Aurora Lighting plans to unveil new platform

Global lighting and technology business Aurora Lighting is set to make a significant impact at EuroShop, the world’s number one retail trade fair taking place from 5 – 9 March, 2017. For the first time, retailers will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of IoT lighting with an exclusive preview of Aurora’s new connected IoT platform, AXiO, which incorporates Gooee technology.

AXiO has been developed in conjunction with Gooee Inside – the IoT enabling technology that significantly enhances business intelligence and revenues by providing data on energy efficiency, human engagement and space optimisation, while giving users a range of dynamic toolsets and intuitive Man Machine Interface (MMI) features to manage the system from one location. Neil Salt, Managing Director of Aurora’s IoT Division, says the technology has unlimited potential: “Our IoT integrated lighting platform enables retailers to harmonise their customers ‘click and brick’ experience across a wide range of application and installation scale, from convenience to targeted brand promotion and enterprise initiatives. By designing and creating a lighting platform with Gooee Inside, an Aurora network of lighting is not only generating incredible visual and stimulating displays but valuable data and consumer insights for the retailer. Now decision makers have the ability in real-time to enjoy clear information based on timely trends that they can use to create even more value and advantage for example, creating special offers to enhance a product’s sales. “As Gooee has tested and verified double encryption across all our platforms, retailers are able to get more of an understanding of the volume, velocity and flow of customers as well as staff within a store,” Salt adds. “This allows proximity marketing to enhance sales and employee management, while safe in the knowledge that customer and employee data, as well as their own, is protected at all times.”

Visitors to the Aurora stand will experience how its new smart range of accent and ambient luminaires act as beacons but also manage additional beacon deployment that will determine their location and activity while on the stand, and more.

The Secret of Buying Top Quality LED Flat Panel Lights for Commercial Spaces

The Secret of Buying Top Quality LED Flat Panel Lights for Commercial Space. Buying LED panel lights can be a challenging affair with tens of thousands of manufacturer and suppliers claiming to be the best. To simplify the task for you, our team of LED engineers has come up with this detailed LED buying guide with secret tips and ideas for flat panel lights. A quick glance will give you the LED insights to pick top quality LED products that save power and last longer from the USA, China or anywhere in the world. Let’s start with the most important factor, namely: Light guide plate and driver The quality of an LED panel light depends mainly on the light guide plate and driver. The light guide plate will decide the light transmittance and power conversion efficiency. The driver will decide the power factor and lifespan of the entire light panel. Hence, it is important to make sure that there is no compromise in the quality of both. Now that we understand the importance of both, let’s understand how to ensure best light guide plate and driver while selecting LED panel lights: Selecting LED light guide plate - Below are the real images of panel lights with PS light guide plates and panel lights with PMMA light guide plates after only half year of usage. PS material is popular in the US because of its low price but it turns yellow easily and gets dark spots which decrease the power conversion efficiency.